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  • This is what Isabella 3y9mths old said in Swedish to her father when she walked past her new painting that she got from her grandparents ”That is my first painting and I love it!


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  • On April 15-17, 2022  my next exhibition will take place at the ”Art & Culture Round” in Kolbäcksådalen. Read more below.


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Anki de Morais

About me

As an artist, I am a colorist with a childlike mind and with roots from the west coast.

 I love color and capture the vibrant colors of nature such as the pink, orange and purple sunsets on the west coast with gold glitter in the blue-black sea. I also love all the blue and green shades of the sea on a beautiful summer day. Together with the yellow rapeseed fields and light green hills in Dalsland, where I spent my summers as a child, this is largely my palette.

 Through these strong colors, I express the joy that it gives me to be in nature myself. I also take my organic forms from the west cliffs of the west coast and Dalsland’s rolling grass hills. Along with the memory of all my mother’s colorful flowers in the garden, I also play with the formats. The small is in the big and the big is in the small.

Last but not least, I convey my love for the animals through my imagination and my childlike mind. I hope that the joy of color and playfulness will spread a good energy in my customers’ homes for many years to come.


Konstlobbyn, Täby Centrum

Galleri Riddaren, Gamla Stan


Vedic Art 2002, 2007, 2020

Creative Visionary Programme, 2021

Find Your Joy, 2021

Find Your Voice, 2021

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Upcoming exhibitions



You are most welcome to meet me at the ’Kolbäcksådalen Art Fair’ which will be held during the Easter weekend, 15-17 April 2022. Opening hours 10:00-16:00.

The Fair was last held in 2019, when 28 000 visitors attended the exhibitions of 132 invited artists with individual stands, located at different venues.

I will be staying in the newly renovated ’Bulten’ premises in Hallstahammar. I hope to see you there!

Background & Experience

My painting background

I have been painting more and more since 2002 when I first took a course in intuitive painting (Vedic Art). In the years that followed, I painted and took courses a little sporadically until the autumn of 2019 when the desire became stronger to paint more continuously in connection with a life crisis due to a serious illness in the family. Then the creative creation became a breathing space and expression for joy, hope and life.

After all, the most important thing in life is love. Love gives meaning and joy. Being afraid of losing the one you love puts life at its peak. Then it becomes really ”serious” to do what is important. And the painting reminds me of the joy of life and to feel grateful for what I and my family have here and now.

I rehearsed Vedic Art for the third time and took several online courses from time to time to train and develop throughout 2020.

My work as a training consultant in leadership and group development was more or less on ice due to covid, so I had time to educate myself and paint a lot. I therefore also took the opportunity to take a 12-week online training CVP (Creative Visionary Program) in early 2021 for one of the USA’s leading teachers in the field. There I came in contact with Louise Fletcher and supplemented with her educations of a total of 16 weeks also in 2021. It was an intense year but I learned a lot about design and color etc. All for the purpose of listening inwards and painting what wants to be expressed rather than what is expected and planned.

I paint both abstract and naive and what unites are the vibrant colors and the organic shapes.

My painting process

When I start a new painting, it is a positive curiosity that is about exploring something. It creates a happy energy in my body that makes me get started. It can be both intuitive or an idea I want to test, but in both cases it is the color and the play that is 100% important!

My process is also still intuitive and I listen to what makes me happy. But there is also an interplay between letting go and regaining control, which is not always easy. The art takes place not only in the actual making and painting but also in rest and in the decision-making between each layer.

When I feel that ”now I have done everything I want on this board” I consider it finished. It can take days, weeks and sometimes months before I get there and that is also part of the charm of painting. I am more of a tool than the one who controls.

Then the viewer also decides what is finished and what is not. The type of art that appeals to everyone is highly personal.

”My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style.”

Maya Angelou

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